Tribe App

Tribe App let’s you to buy a membership that unlocks various benefits that can be used in our partner hotels.

Buy Membership Cards

Membership of Tribe Privileges comes with a wide range of benefits to be enjoyed at hotels & restaurants 

Redeem Benefits

Our membership comes with a wide range of benefits which include room benefits, dining benefits, spa benefits etc. You can even transfer benefits to your friends, or use the benefits when doing the booking.

Make Hotel Room / Restaurant Booking


From our app you can do booking which includes hotel, restaurant or spa. Select the location, number of guest, booking date and time. You can even add benefit to the booking.



Transfer Vouchers

Users can transfer benefits to their friends by selecting the contact number

Customer Care

We have listed all the hotel locations and their contact number for users to contact



We send push notification to the users regarding their booking status, membership expiry etc

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